Capsule Force Review: Local Mayhem is Back (PS4)

Developer Iron Galaxy has brought back fun action-couch competitive multiplayer experience. Capsule Force setting is a retro futuristic 80’s space anime inspired worlds where the Earth World Leaders are dispatching intergalactic forces to capture galaxies via capsules from the ongoing war. Capsule Force is pure fun if you have friends to come over to play as there is no online component. Up to four player mayhem with four characters to choose from in 2v2 matches. There is a tournament mode as well to create your own tournaments with more players locally to see who’s the best Capsule Force player. In this mode you may set bracket types to single or double elimination, stage select, rounds, sets, time, and number of players participating.


The multiplayer gameplay mayhem objective in 2v2 match is to catch the other team’s capsule. There are 8 stages to play from and you may unlock alternatives to each map that make it new by unlocking from single player missions. Trade shots, dodge laser beams via jumping, double-jumping, dashing, and use your energy shield at the right time to deflect projectiles back to the opponent. Take out the opponent for better chance to ride the tram to the next screen to get closer to get the other teams capsule to win the round. The matches are chaotic and will have you shouting, laughing and having a great fun time with friends.

Single Player

Single player content is small, but fun to accomplish the 32 missions. Completing missions will unlock alternate maps for all maps, concept art, and alternate outfits. Missions vary from shooting targets under short time, speed trail, without using specific perks on levels too and a few other variations. They are a blast to complete but are short. Then there is a mission rush mode where you have a timer that goes down while you hit more timer boosts to add to your time to continue. In this mode the missions vary as well. It is challenging but satisfying when you beat your high score. You may let a friend to play the missions to try to beat your score and compete as well to add more replay value.

Final Impressions

Overall this is an enjoyable game to play with friends. The pixel visuals are nice and the tunes are catchy. Gameplay mechanics are tight and work well with the various skills at your disposal to win the matches. The single player content is small but offers unique challenges. I will be playing this with friends and family at upcoming parties for great fun moments. It is a great title to have in your library when you have gatherings and want to have a great time.





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Fact Sheet

Developer: klobit        Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios

ESRB Rating:



Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
Released On: August 25, 2015             Platforms: PS4, Steam (PC / Mac)
Players: 1 – 4          Price: PSN $15
Buy On:
Amazon:                                               GameStop, Inc.

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