Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies Visual Art Book Review

Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies visual art book is pack full of great content. It was release originally in Japan and now here in the states thanks to UDON Entertainment with great English translations. It includes great illustrations, concept art, character bios, background art, and much more jam pack content from the latest entry of the popular Ace Attorney series from Capcom. The art included is great and comments from the development team for each art piece which is awesome. This provides great content to learn from if your into game art or character design. I will break down the main sections of the content it contains below.


First section is key art that contains poster artworks and teaser illustrations for Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies. It also shows four variations of the game image box art for the 3DS. This part is short but provides great visual art to admire.

Second sections is character design for all the characters for this entry. It provides great character profiles on each character with the basic info of name, age, height, occupation, and a summary on them. Each profile has comments from the developers with their name and position for the game. Then there are character design illustrations for each one with concept art on their designs and comments on them too. There are 3D model images for each their character with a front, side and back view of the in-game models. Lastly there is the character animation stills for each character that are in the game.

Third section is background art with concept ideas to use in the 3D background for the game. This is short section too but shows wonderful backgrounds to check out. Beautiful  backgrounds to admire and get ideas for your own backgrounds for your game. 

Fourth section is the elements artwork that include in-game materials, images, cutscene stills to the pictures displayed when making choices in the game. This part contains spoiler if you yet to play the game. Then shows menu illustration arts for each main image when you replay a completed episode in the game. Lastly thumbnail images for all characters with their name like a yearbook and items for the game.

Finally is the animation artwork and other specials. All the cutscenes are here from the game that contain major spoilers. It shows an amazing concept art work for their process of the storyboards, this is great for learning and admiring the work that goes into these storyboards. Mini-illustrations, pixel art on the characters, sticker set images, and messages from the Development team of Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies. The Development comment gallery offers great illustrated comment cards from the Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies Development team show their personality shine through this illustrations. Lastly it ends with a great interview from the developers with an image of them too. Takeshi Yamazaki (Scenario Director), Takuro Fuse (Art Director) get interview. The interview is a great way to end this visual art book providing a great read to the fans of this great series. Amazing last section to this wonderful visual art book.

Final Impressions

Overall if your a fan of the series this is a must buy and offers an amazing amount of content over 200 pages along with fan-favorite characters. The artwork, character profiles, concept art, storyboards, Developer commentary and much more provide great value. There are other great stuff too I did not mention that you must check out in the book. Then it ends with a bang thanks to the great interview with the Developers for the fans of the series to enjoy providing great insight to their development process and thoughts for the game. Go check it out right now.




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Fact Sheet

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Udon Entertainment (October 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1927925444

ISBN-13: 978-1927925447

Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.2 x 0.6 inches

Current Price: On Amazon $34

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  1. Capcom’s “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” video game franchise has a small, but devoted fan base. The game themselves are known for being strong adventure games, having great presentation, music, and dialog, while at the same time criticized for being too linear, lacking replayability, and little in the way of innovation with each installments


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