Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Review: Re-Imagine Epic Shooter (PS4, X1)

In this new expansion for Destiny, various changes have been made but few stay the same. Changes included are small things like more vault space to major changes like new voice actor for Ghost (Nolan North). With mechanic of level up being revamped where you spend more time with your character, you will get higher level. Fans of year one Destiny will be happy the new changes that come with this expansion. While newcomer who are interested in Destiny, this is the right time to join in and enjoy one of the best first-person shooters for this generation.



It’s too long to just list all changes new in this expansion; I will list the most important changes and additions that newcomers and fans will love. toward. First off, you can skip cutscenes now with all missions (old and new), although this sometimes result in black loading screen. Second, old leveling system has been replaced with a new massively better level up system and easier too. Instead of being gated or force to do end game contents like Raids, Prison of Elders or Trial of Osiris, you could do anything ranging from patrol to doing Strikes and they will drop engrams that you could decode into gears and weapons that are around the same light level as you (which will help you get higher light level gradually).

All legendary gears or weapons that you like, you could dismantle rare items level (that have higher attack power, defense power) to make it stronger. There is a quest page that adds in the hud menu of your character. These quests that the game gives you in the  quest page are often guideline to what your next objective is. These quests will either lead you to your next mission or it lead to an objective; where at the end of the quest line, you will receive an exotic weapon. Armsday also introduces, every Wednesday, the gunsmith will give out guns for you to tests. After testing each gun, you will earn reputation with the gunsmith. Which in turn once you reach level one with him, you will have an option to buy a voucher  forthe next Armsday comes around, and you could turn it in for a legendary gun. At higher level you could buy multiple vouchers and also open to quests that lead to exotic guns.

The Taken King Content

Like former downloadable content, this includes a new story with new cinematic scenes that are easier to follow. In the story there are new enemies to battle that are unique but of the same old enemies with a Taken twist.  With new raid where Destiny Raid’s veteran feel at home while newcomers will find it challenging with lots of teamwork necessary to pull through. There are various secrets for gamers to discover. Several new strikes and revise of old ones by Bungie, s are now more enjoyable and less of bullet spraying.

Crucible (PvP) has new changes in its own way with two new modes into Taken King and several new maps. Mayhem will force you to fight against other players with significantly fast charge rate of your abilities and super. While Rift is more like capture the flag, where an orb form in a specific place of the map, you and your team have to get it and bring it to enemies team spawn point. New maps are enjoyable that offer both long range and close range combat for those who want to snipe or shotgun.


For those who are new to Crucible, Bungie have weapons buffs/nerfs in year Two. Hand Cannon have been nerf enough that barely anyone using it in PvP for year two and shotgun still reign supreme in almost all of the maps (most maps are favor in close combat) are all you need to know. Now with this new Crucible bounty system where if you complete bounties (after complete a quest from Lord Shaxx, he will give out the bounties which is separate from normal Crucible bounties) every day for the whole week, you will have a chance to get exotic reward (I haven’t test this since I am not a PvP person and only known about this through Bungie Twitch stream). There are  two events that usually happen each month that cater toward anyone who like to play PvP more than PvE called Iron Banner and Trial of Osiris. These two events where your light level (your average gears and weapons combine) is matter; because if you are too low level, you couldn’t damage your opponent and probably die in one hit. They may reward you with  gears/weapons with unique look and have same light level as Raid gears and weapons.

Final Impressions

With all small and huge changes Bungie has made, this is the complete package for newcomers to join the world of Destiny. This game that will keep people coming back for more loots, shooting, or just spending an enjoyable time together with friends online. Despise a few problems like the need to grind for a long time to get to higher level and random chances of  getting the gear you need it is still a blast to play. Then most MMORPG are like that and provide hours of great play sessions. I would rate this version of Destiny as fantastic. Thoughts on the game or review let me know in the comments below and be enter for a chance to win $10 with the # of your prefer platform to buy a few new emotes. Winner will be announced tomorrow on Christmas Day at 5pm.



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Fact Sheet

Developer: Bungie       Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc.

ESRB Rating:


For Animated Blood, Violence

Released On: August 25, 2015             Platforms: PS3,PS4, X360, X1

Players: 1      Network Player: 1 – 12        Price: $60

 Buy On:

Amazon:                              GameStop, Inc.

10 thoughts on “Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Review: Re-Imagine Epic Shooter (PS4, X1)

  1. Thoughts on the game or review let me know in the comments below and be enter for a chance to win $10 with the # of your prefer platform to buy a few new emotes. Winner will be announced tomorrow on Christmas Day at 5pm.


    1. It is fine for people that want to use that and waste $30. Personally for me personally it is a shame to sell it that high of price. It should be free for people that have two characters pass level 25 and try out the third character’s new power instead of replaying the game again. At least it is not pay to win yet with only boosting to level 25 and not max level DLC.


    2. For me, I am surprise that Bungie would do something like that because anyone who play Destiny before would know that item boost to level 25 is worthless. It’s so easy to just play through the whole campaign to get to level 25. It doesn’t level up subclass (which have separate boost item but include in the bundle), weapons (same thing as subclass), nor gears (which doesn’t have one). Right now the hardest thing to level up is gears, after that is subclass then weapons and level. For $30, you get level 25 boost, subclass boost (I don’t know if it have time duration or not), weapon boost (which also in the game that you could use in game currency to buy for cheap); It’s not worth to get even if you are new to Destiny and try to catch up with your friends this way; since you don’t have gears, or weapons that are good enough to do raids with your friends. It’s better just to ask your friends to go through whole campaign with you (It also more fun and help them level up their gears or weapons). This would just make Bungie (or Activision) look greedy, destroy their fanbase even more and make gamers distrust whatever they put out in the future.

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    1. i haven’t got a chance of played it in the past but i heard about it enough to think that it’s more of like an MMORPG. Destiny is more of FPS MMORPG hybrid but yeah i wouldn’t be really surprise that that Destiny took some inspirations from other MMORPG games.


    1. Since Bungie announce that they will not make anymore DLCs like The Dark Below, House of Worlves and The Taken King. They will continue put out smaller free DLCs that they could make microtransactions from until Destiny 2. What I would love for Destiny 2 to have is that lore and story are more clear, easy to understand and more interesting. Guns are more unique not in stat but in the way they shoot like those exotic weapons. Hopefully they also improve loot drops so that it’s doesn’t drop something you don’t want.


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