Extreme Exorcism Review (PC(Steam), PS3, PS4, X1, Wii U)

Golden Ruby Games released on September 23rd Extreme Exorcism a fun paranormal platformer game that is challenging as well. The pixelated graphics are great and the animations. It will keep you addicted to coming back if you love score chasing the leaderboards. It is great to play solo or with friends locally up to four players on the Story mode and Multiplayer mayhem battles.

Story Mode

The Story mode covers ten areas of the haunted mansion and at the end is a boss fight. No real story to be told but great gameplay moments. Each area consists of five levels in which you add the amount to unlock the next area. Then there is a challenge mode where it contains various challenges with specific rule sets that are fun to complete and get tougher as you go on. The various weapons of the game are fun to use and you may carry up to three weapons at the same time and shoot at the same moment. If you touch a forth weapon it will replace the first weapon you had.


Start the game by picking the first level to introduce the mechanics. Each area is a part of the haunted mansion which is a creative visual to look at and provides a peek of the theme of the level. Areas get unlock by a getting specific amount of score to get to the next area of the mansion. There are areas that are unlocked after gathering 400 score points from within the five level sections of the areas or less. Each area starts with the first level and the rest locked as well. After getting a specific score for the level it unlocks the next level to add a challenge to complete. In order to get score points you must exterminate ghosts or kill the main King Ghost to pass the round immediately.

Then to add to the challenge is that the you have three heart lives to get as far as you can for each level. Ghost you eliminated will be armed with the weapon used at that moment of the extermination and makes you think to what weapons to use to end the round. Weapons include swords, guns, grenades, mines, rocket launchers, Kung-Fu moves, lighting spells and a variety of other arms at your disposal. Weapons get unlock as you play or challenges you do. Ammo is infinite and one hit kills. This offer amazing aww moments when you successfully dodge bullets and exterminate the main King Ghost to pass the round or failed miserably. The rounds gets tougher as you go higher and more ghosts to exterminate.


After the first area the rest will have their own theme of hazard or obstacle to their five level sections with five variety of it used. Hazards or obstacles includes jumping on beds, fire, wind blowing different directions to make movement harder to move and shoot and many more. It may get frustrating later on a couple areas but it is possible to pass the levels. If having a hard time you may play it co-op with a friend on the Arcade mode too. Leaderboards are separate too for solo and co-op.

Multiplayer and Challenge Modes

Multiplayer mode is fun to play  and you use different characters from the Arcade mode as well. It is great to play with friends to see who is the best exorcist. In this mode it is customizable to set the weapon sets, how ghosts spawn and abilities they possess. This gives replay value to the game along with the challenges. Challenges will offer unique trails to pass using specific rules to complete the level. Challenges include using a specific weapon and getting kills under a specific time for the challenge.

Final Impressions

Overall Extreme Exorcism provides enjoyable moments during solo or co-op action with friends. There will be frustrating levels to complete but the overall game is addicting to keep coming back. I like the pixilated visuals and soundtrack tunes are catchy that fits the game. The level menu select screen is a nice visual design. The mechanics of the game using up to three weapons and shooting at the same time is amazing. Ghost using your own weapon used to exterminate them to kill you back is unique. It gives a challenging game to play and addicting to get a higher score on the leaderboards for each level of  the areas. Thoughts or questions let me know in the comments below.



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Developer: Golden Ruby Games    Publisher: Ripstone

ESRB Rating:


For Fantasy Violence

Released On: September 23, 2015    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, PS3

Players: 1-4  local-multiplayer    Price: $12.99

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