FIFA 16 Review: Play the Beautiful Sport(PS4,X1)

FIFA 16 goes all out on its motto “Play Beautiful,” represents it well with the great atmosphere of the matches and little details that bring the sport more to life. This iteration provides little improvements to gameplay but still has the solid fundamental gameplay of past games. The passing is a bit hit or miss from last one. Expect passes to failed often and the AI has improved a bit. AI move in to area where you will like to pass and aggressive to win the ball. The players will now not pressure much like before which makes the game a bit annoying trying to get the ball pack from the rival. Use the D-Pad to use the team tactics to make the team do more pressure pressing to the rival, but still not as great. At times defenders will be able to catch up to the fastest attacker still even though there was a huge gap which is annoying at times.

New Mechanics

Theres is a new curve pass but I did not use it much. The new No Touch Dribbling skill is great that allows you to feint rival players without using the Right Analog Skill controls and pass through the defender. It is satisfying to use during gameplay and works well to utilize. Overall the gameplay is still enjoyable to play and scoring goals is greatly satisfying.

FIFA 16 Career Traininig (In Menus)
FIFA 16 Career Traininig (In Menus)

Career Mode

Career Mode is still fun to play to manage your own team, be a rising star or both as a Player-Manager. Now you can play Pre-Season Tournaments and  train players to raise up their traits. There are five slots to use and it is for each week but the management for it is bit much. In order to raise their stats, it depends on the drills you select and accomplish. The commentary in Career mode will remark on the key storylines during your season and team stats for matches, and references to the league standings.

FUT Mode

FUT mode is still great but hard to get the rare cards like always. The transfer market is ok, with the set amount you may go to sell a card with a set high limit like the last update for FUT 15. FUT Draft mode is one of the  new modes to play in FUT to bring more gameplay value. The entry to it though is high by using One Draft Token if you have one or get one from a FUT Pack. If you don’t it will cost 15k coins. Playing this mode is fun and rewards you greatly if you win. First choose the difficulty and a Captain for your team. This will help create your team and each position will offer you five players to choose from. Making the best chemistry team is key and challenging to make your team strong. After this the game starts for only four matches. If you lose, it’s all over and you get a pack still. Winning more matches or all four will reward you greater rewards like more Jumbo Premium Gold packs and more Gold Premium packs. This helps build your regular FUT team with the rewards and play with great rare players to get a feel for which you would like to get in your regular team in the future. There is solo mode and online mode each with their own FUT Draft teams separately. After the end of FUT Draft mode, you will get to choose a new Captain and different players too or same if lucky.


Women’s National Teams

The latest new mode edition being added is the Women’s National Teams in the game. Compete as 12 Women’s National Teams, for the first time in Kick Off, an Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches only. The players all feel unique and delivers a great gameplay experience that feel different from the main game. Matches are still fun and challenging as well. This is a mode you must try and play thanks to the great pace of the matches.

Final Impressions

Overall FIFA 16 still has the best atmosphere for the sport thanks to the great commentary, stadium chants, and nice little touches to make it feel more true to live during the matches. It has great amount of modes and great number of teams to choose from. Gameplay is solid still with a few hiccups but still enjoyable to play solo or online. Introduction to Women’s National Team is a great new addition that can be improve upon more but provides great matches right now in the few modes. In this iteration of FIFA, the FIFA Interactive World Cup mode is back. There will be 9 seasons will you will have 9 days to play. The top players will advance to have a chance to represent their country. Check it out if you would like to have a chance to represent your country. Lastly Pro Evolution Soccer 16 is back to its roots of great gameplay and the next FIFA game will have to step it up now that PES is closing the gap greatly. Go and play the beautiful game now. Questions or thoughts on the game let me know in the comments below. Leave a comment with the # of your prefer platform to win a $10 code for FUT points to buy new packs.



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Fact Sheet

Publisher: Electronic Arts  Developer: EA Canada
ESRB Rating:


For Animated Blood, Crude Humor,Fantasy Violence, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

Released On: September 22, 2015             Platforms: PS4, X1, PC

Players: 1 – 4             Network Players: 2-24         Price: $59.99

Buy On:

Amazon:                      GameStop, Inc.

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  1. Who just got FIFA 16 for Christmas or has the game? Questions or thoughts on the game let me know in the comments below. Leave a comment with the # of your prefer platform to win a $10 code for FUT points to buy new packs.


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