Rocket League Review: Simplistic but Addicting (PS4)

The soccer (or football) fans will not mind playing a spin-off of the sport with cars thanks to the great gameplay it provides and the same wow moments like in the real sport. Non-sport fans will have a blast to play as well. Rocket League is simplistic at a glance, but when you dive deep down into the mechanics it gets more complex. The games vibrant visual are pretty and colorful along with a clean UI to help it stand out more. There is no story mode in this game but in exchange they have level progression where you gain new items, vehicles, and arenas each time you level up. There are great cosmetic items to customize you car into unique looks that suit your taste.


I have neglected to mention cars in this game, I guess now I could tell you that it’s basically two teams of cars playing soccer against each other without penalty or foul calls. The physics of the cars are well done. Providing great gameplay mechanics to score or make epic saves. Objective of the game is to score more goals  in the net than your opponent within five minutes. If you tie at the end of the five minutes, then you have the golden rule where first team to score will win the match.

With the boost litter all over the arena, you could either make yourself go faster to defend, attack or just slam into your opponent to destroy them (you may re-spawn after you explode). Then you may make the car jump to block a shot and spin at the same time as well. Using the things you learn and making your own skills with the mechanics will provide epic matches. There will be teams with high skill level and teams more at your starting level. Once you get the hang of it and dive deeper it will be an even great game to play for hours.

There are different cars to use. Each are a bit different on stats. There are heavy ones but bigger in size to block shots, or small but fast in speed to move around the field more. Having a balance team is great or just use what your good at as long as your members are great. All cars have an awesome design and customizing the cosmetic is the icing on the cake.


The biggest problem for this game is that there are not many different modes. Play online, where you could do cross-play online modes against other people either on PC or PS4 rank or unranked  matches. Exhibition mode, play one match against AI and Season mode where you go against AI teams for a set period of time. Then there there is a great tutorial and training mode that is great in teaching you skills. Lastly there are variation modes where you could do 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, but it’s only to that extent.

I would have love it more if it had different modes like custom settings to change the size of the ball, infinite boost, or arenas fill with trap like spinning blade etc… In the end, it’s still a fantastic game that will have you hook for more play sessions. I still wish for more; I am hoping that they will release more free downloadable content and make it have more silly modes to let us enjoy their game longer like the Christmas theme free modes and items for this holiday season.

Final Impressions

Psyonix Studios has created a fantastic fun game to play for countless hours in Rocket League. It is a game for everyone to play even if your not into sports. Cars plus soccer is the best combination for pure fun solo or with friends split-screen or online. The matches will provide epic moments that will have you jumping in joy when you win against the rival team. The customization and soundtrack tunes are awesome. I recommend this to be added to your library. One of the most entertaining games of the year to play. Questions or thoughts let me know in the comments below with the #RLPS4. We will give away a digital U.S. code for the game on PS4 to one random reader on New Years day.



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Fact Sheet

Developer: Psyonix Studios   Publisher: Psyonix Studios

ESRB Rating:


For Fantasy Violence, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

Released On: July 7, 2015             Platforms: PS4, PC

 Players: 1 – 4   Network Players: 2-8        Price: PSN/PC  $19.99

 Buy On:

Amazon:                                   GameStop, Inc.

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