The Deadly Tower of Monsters Review: Sci-Fi B-Movie Mayhem (PC, PS4)

Developed by ACE Team creators of Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages, and Abyss Odyssey bring you a new 3D action adventure game with The Deadly Tower of Monsters. A game homage to bad sci-fi monster movies with complete claymations, hand-drawn enemies, and zippers on monsters. It is recommended to play it on default VHS Film Grain effect setting to play it how it was meant to be played but you may put it in DVD mode if you prefer. The stars of the movie Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova, THE ROBOT in Director Dan Smith’s Sci-Fi B-Movie The Deadly Tower of Monsters will keep you hook to the end in this epic adventure. How well does this game keep you hook? Read on below to find out. 


No major spoilers for the story and just the basic details.Throughout this adventure Dan Smith the Director is commentating the movie throughout the game which is awesome and expect funny dialogue  moments that will make you laugh throughout the adventure. This is the main single player mode for this epic adventure game. Playing as Dick Starspeed who has crash landed on a mysterious planet Gravoria and his trusty Robot companion no where to be found. Upon meeting the stunning Scarlet Nova, heir to the tyrannical Emperor tells Dick to help her take him down and free the natives of Gravoria.

DTOM (85)

In order to reach the Empereor you must reach the enormous tower at the top where he awaits.  As you climb up The Deadly Tower of Monsters, you will reunite with your Robot companion. Once the  trio is united they will embark on an epic adventure to stop the menace and restore peace to the natives of Gravoria. The Emperor will throw enemies and hazards at you as you climb up to the top to stop you from reaching him.

The ending is great and unexpected twist that will bring you a great smile on your face. This adventure will take you about 4-6 hours to complete. You may revisit the game to collect hidden items, or finish completing mini objectives like falling through the middle of golden rings located throughout high tops surrounding the tower. I had fun just falling down the tower, shooting down enemies and landing the ground from the highest top (or watch the character crash land for the physics). As you go up the tower, you literally go up and you may look down where you were at the beginning which is an amazing view. There are great moments throughout that I would like to talk about but may spoil great moments. Instead I will say that you must play this to the end and you will be amazed along with the amazing set visuals you will come across as you go up the tower.


The Deadly Tower of Monsters gameplay is simple and highly accessible for everyone to enjoy. As you continue towards the tower atop you will get special abilities to use and weapons as well. Each character has their own main special only for them to use and others are shared. You play as one character and switch between them in the sleep chamber. Use your favorite character you like to use and for certain areas you need to switch specific characters to unlock the next area then switch back.

There are stations to level up and switch your abilities, weapons, character stat boost with the gold and gears you grab throughout the journey. All weapons and powers are fun to use against the enemies. Weapons include ray gun, blaster, melee weapons and more awesome ones that you will enjoy. Powers include force shield, fast sprint and more to utilize against the enemies. The HUD for the weapon switching is easy to use.

The platforming sections are done nicely as you go up the tower. Thanks to great checkpoints in the game you don’t need to be afraid of falling down and starting from way back.  Checkpoints are place nicely throughout the game. There are times you will need to backtrack but you may teleport easily to the area which saves time with the press of a button. If you get distracted by the amazing visual sets you journey by a yellow arrow will guide you to the next objective.

DTOM (79)


There are a variety of enemies that you will face like dinosaurs, evil monkeys and more. Each pay a homage to past Sci-Fi B-Movies. The animations for them are claymation movements and ones in costumes showing their zippers. The enemies all have their own unique attacks to stop you. During main areas to the next level of the tower their will be unique bosses to give you a challenge. The bosses are all greatly design and fun to beat. The enemies are a bit easy to defeat but then they throw you a group of various one to keep you at bay as you climb higher. This gives you a  bit challenge but not as hard.


Final Impressions

Overall I had an enjoyable time playing The Deadly Tower of Monsters to the end. Ace Team has done an amazing job in getting me hooked on wanting to know what will happen next. The whole homage to Sci-Fi B-Movies is awesome and brought me memories of past movies I watch as a child. The characters and enemies of the game steal the show along with the  great funny commentary of Director Dan Smith left me laughing throughout certain moments during the game. Little touches that you do and the Director commenting on that is awesome as well.

There are hidden items to collect, mini objectives to do, and epic moments that will have you come back to replay once again like a great movie to rewatch. Go out and play this game to experience the whole package how it was meant to be played. Questions or thoughts on the review let me know in the comments below. We are going to giveaway two codes for the game for two of our lucky readers. Leave a comment below for a chance to win with the # of your platform of choice. Winners will be announced here on January 29.



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Fact Sheet

Developer: ACE Team                   Publisher: ATLUS USA

ESRB Rating:


For Violence

Released On: January 19, 2016          Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

Players: 1                          Price: $14.99 (There’s a ~33% launch discount for two weeks on Steam and for PS Plus subscribers!)

25 thoughts on “The Deadly Tower of Monsters Review: Sci-Fi B-Movie Mayhem (PC, PS4)

  1. Questions or thoughts on the review let me know in the comments below. We are going to giveaway two codes for the game for two of our lucky readers. Leave a comment below for a chance to win with the # of your platform of choice. Winners will be announced here on January 29.


  2. Thanks for the review I like it a lot that 60’s sci-fi movies posters, it seems very fun to play, I like to participate for a PC code, thank you for the chance


  3. I like the premise and love the idea of the VHS and DVD options. I’m old enough to have fond memories of the former. I am concerned about the game’s length versus its asking price. I may wait until it’s super cheap…unless I win a code from y’all 🙂


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