Street Fighter V Review (PC,PS4)

Street Fighter V  the legendary fighting franchise returns exclusively on the PC and PS4. How does it hold up to past entries in the series? This entry felt more accessible than past entries and the gameplay is superb. The bad thing is that casual fans of the series that are not into the competitive online nature will find single-player content to be heavily lite. It will have free updates in the coming months to add more value to the game for free. It is a one time buy, no more Super/Ultra editions, but the content on launch is lacking. At launch the online servers were malfunctioning but as of now the servers are more stable and easy to find a match with no lag. Street Fighter V is identical to both platforms. Read on to find out how the latest entry holds up. Continue reading “Street Fighter V Review (PC,PS4)”

HuniePop Review: Unique Fun Dating Sim

HuniePop is a dating sim game that is different than general dating sim games that have release before. It is a dating sim, puzzle, light RPG elements and a light novel style game. The match-3 puzzle game incorporates how successful the player woos a lady. This brings more fun to the game than just stare at a static image reading dialogues and choosing whichever choice to branch in. In a way, it works well in this game along with Continue reading “HuniePop Review: Unique Fun Dating Sim”

Defragmented Review: Pulse Beating Action

Glass Knuckles Games brings Defragmented to Steam. It is a cyberpunk action-RPG Top-down stick shooter. It is fast-pace action like Hotline Miami but with RPG elements like Borderlands with great character progressions. It may be played stealthy as well for certain levels. The electronic music genre pulse pumping songs for each level fit the game perfectly with the gameplay mechanics and the vibrant polygonal visual style … Continue reading Defragmented Review: Pulse Beating Action