HuniePop Review: Unique Fun Dating Sim

HuniePop is a dating sim game that is different than general dating sim games that have release before. It is a dating sim, puzzle, light RPG elements and a light novel style game. The match-3 puzzle game incorporates how successful the player woos a lady. This brings more fun to the game than just stare at a static image reading dialogues and choosing whichever choice to branch in. In a way, it works well in this game along with gifting and traits system making to create a more interactive and enjoyable story route. The soundtrack is catchy and uplifting, it fits perfectly with the mood of the game. Graphic visuals are similar to other dating sim games out there, not bad but not great either. Unlock CG images for the women stars of the game and outfits as well.

Story & Characters

Story  is simple and generic, if you have played one before it follows the same story telling ways. The story starts about the main protagonist meeting a love fairy that decides to help him having with achieving a love life. On this journey, he meets women that are have a  one dimensional personality ranging from an otaku girl who only care about games to someone who is lustful and works in the Adult industry. There are hidden characters that the main protagonist need to find and romance examples include like an alien and more may  become his love interest as well.


HuniePop doesn’t have an ending where protagonist lives happily ever after with his love one which for romance genre lovers will be disappointed. Player could essentially try to get all women in-game without any consequences and turn it into a harem for the ending. Despise the story lacking and with one dimensional characters, the developers somehow magically make this whole thing feel less serious and more of a parody, silly and endearing that is fun to play through.


Now, gameplay is the fun interesting component here. What make this game special? The developer has implemented a fun match-3 puzzle game and withing this dating sim that fits the women’s personalities together. With each woman it offers a unique characteristic that defines  which gem they favor or hate in the match-3 puzzle game. There are four main gems or token as they call in game: romance (orange), talent (blue), sexuality (red), and flirtation (green). There are various tokens added as well like joy (yellow) which grants one extra move, passion (pink) increase the value of token combos, sentiment (light blue) increases players sentiment points required in order for player to use skills (random gifts that player get from giving women gifts that they love and have to equip in the match-3 game to use), and last but not least broken hearts (purple) lowers player’s score.


With each match-3 puzzle game (or date as HuniePop calls it) success, every date after will become harder to succeed the high score than the last. Fortunately, there is an element of RPG system where player could use one of the currencies to upgrade and make tokens have higher value. Then there’s a quiz game where player ask the various woman he encounters what her birthday, occupation, age etc… They will ask you specific questions as well like how many kids do you plan on having? Or do you believe in the paranormal? She will quiz player back randomly and if he or she answer correctly or align with their personalities then currencies will be earned to spend on gifts and upgrades. All of this gameplay elements brings a fun and pleasurable play sessions to the game. 

Final Impressions

At the end of the day, HuniePop is one of those games that you could consider a guilty pleasure to enjoy. It’s simply an enjoyable game where after a hard day of work and stress, you just want to sit back relax, just turn your mind off to play a mindless fun game. You will find that there is not much of challenge nor skill require; unless you play on higher difficulty but it’s not recommended. If you enjoy match-three puzzle games and dating sim genre, it’s a must have; for others, it’s a must try experience that will provide fun hours of entertainment.

Questions or thoughts on the game let me know in the comments below. Leaving a comment will allow you for a chance to win HuniePop Deluxe Edition on Steam that includes a digital art book and the soundtrack. Contest ends next week Friday and winner be announced here.


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Fact Sheet

Developer: HuniePot  Publisher: HuniePot

Released On: Jan 19, 2015      Platform: PC, Mac and Linux

 Price: $9.99

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  1. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, hm, ‘Sup guys and gals, that’s not right either…Hello fellow gamers (I guess that will do), ahem, I would appreciated if you guys leave a comment on whether you had played this game or what you are enjoying playing right now or how bad are my writing is or anything at all. Anyway, as a reminder, you could randomly chosen to win a copy when you leave a comment. Hopefully i don’t have to tell you that this game is rated M for mature or whatever so use your common sense and be careful for those of you underage (this is the internet after all, and I don’t want to be sue either). So see you guys when you leaving comments or next review.


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