Quantum Break Review (X1) – Time is Key to Survival

Quantum Break is the latest game by Developer Remedy. Journey through an epic single player sci-fi story about time-travel. This is their first game for the current generation on Xbox One and Windows PC. They are known for great character story driven games. How does this fare to their other great works? Read on to find out.



The story provided a great sci-fi time travel theme that hooks from beginning to end. Play as Jack Joyce who comes back to visit his long time friend. Upon arriving he gets to try out a time machine experiment that he’s been working on but something goes wrong. This provides them both with time-manipulating powers. Through out the journey encounter interesting characters, enemies, and crazy time bending, loops and stutters. The stutters provide excellent visuals where time is completely stop or loops of objects going in and out. There are crazy time loops and twists throughout the journey to save the world from the End of Time where time is completely frozen. In order to save the world use the acquired time-bending attacks to survive. Once I had reach the ending I wanted more. It leaves it open to a sequel and I want it now. This is Developer Remedy’s best story script game to date. It will take around 10 to 12 hours to beat the game.

There are a total of five arcs for the story. After each arc there is a Junction section where it where you play as the villain Serene. In this part it will provide a choice to choose that will alter the path to the next story arc before the TV Show kicks in after this. The choices don’t drastically change the game story majorly, just a few differences but it was nice to go back to see what the other choice does. Then it will show the TV Show episode that are around 20mins after each Junction section. This is where it provides more insight into the villainous Monarch Corporations side of their story.


In the main game I recommend reading and collecting all the items like intel for extra immersion into the story. It provides great content that I enjoyed to read and giving more juice to the entire story. 


It has basic third-person shooter mechanics. The cover system works nicely and automatically takes cover when next to wall. Shooting is a bit wonky but works fine here thanks to the time-manipulation powers. Each time-manipulation powers are awesome to use in combinations with each other and with the  traditional weapons. The weapons are traditional military guns. Using for example a time-stop power and then guns blazing while enemy is in time-stop. Then bullets penetrating after time-stop ends is awesome.


Typical enemy soldiers, heavies, and Shifters that are able to fight against you in the stutters. The heavies of course are able to be defeated easier by shooting their weak point. Enemies are simple to beat but gets hard if stationary when there are multiple targets. It is easy thanks to the OP time-powers you get right in the beginning. Overall it was pretty easy game to beat. Hard mode is possible to achieve except the last part will be more tougher.

There is a final boss  in the end but he is a bully that may one hit kill you. This part was frustrating but thanks to the awesome story I finish it through.  Lastly this enemy is pretty dangerous too,  objects in loops may kill you too if not properly avoided. In one part of the story I went in fast to the room and headed left. Then a train crash through the wall and killed me. It was an amazing moment cause I did not expect that. Second time I went right and saw how the train crash in. Cool funny death that got me.

Final Impressions

Quantum Break has fantastic story that keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end. The Junctions live action tv show ins were ok but not great. It was interesting to see them try to combine tv with a game though but I don’t want all future games to go this way. They don’t provide to much of a difference to the main story. The ten hour journey was awesome and I wanted more. Developer Remedy has created a fantastic world and great characters. The visuals with time bending surreal visuals were outstanding. A must own game for all Xbox One and PC Windows owners. At the moment the PC Windows version is broken and it’s being look into.

Thank you for reading our review. We are going to give away a  digital copy of Quantum Break for the Xbox One version. Place a comment down below for a chance to win. Contest ends on April 30th. Come back here on May 2nd to check for the winner.


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Fact Sheet

Publisher: Microsoft Studios  Developer: Remedy Entertainment
ESRB Rating:



For Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Released On: April 5, 2016             Platforms: PC, X1

Players: 1                Price: $59.99

18 thoughts on “Quantum Break Review (X1) – Time is Key to Survival

  1. Thank you for reading our review. Questions or thoughts let me know in the comments below. We are going to give away a digital copy of Quantum Break for the Xbox One version. Place a comment down below for a chance to win. Contest ends on April 30th. Come back here on May 2nd to check for the winner.


  2. still have not bought yet so winning would be great as I have been on the fence. hopefully more gameplay rather than video watching


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