Monster Hunter Generations – Styles Introduction

In the latest Monster Hunter there will be new threats that players must adapt to. New skills to help in the hunt. Coming Summer 2016, the recently-announced new action RPG Monster Hunter Generations introduces gameplay mechanics known as Styles and Hunter Arts to allow for an even more visually striking and personalized play-styles than ever before on Nintendo 3DS.

Check out the four different styles below.

The four Style options include:
Aerial Style – Adds a new jumping ability which allows players to attack from above, opening up more opportunities to mount a monster and potentially knock it down.

Guild Style – Classic gameplay for all 14 weapons and will feel familiar to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players.
Adept Style – Rewards players for learning enemy behaviors and performing a counterattack, giving players more tactical dodging and blocking options based on the current weapon type in use.
Striker Style – A versatile powerhouse that revolves around building up and unleashing incredibly advantageous Hunter Arts.
Monster Hunter Generations is making its first public playable debut at PAX East (April 22-24) in Boston, MA at the Capcom Booth #3117. Fans of the game should definitely check out the latest new experience in four-player co-0p. Check out the latest trailer showing the styles in action and screenshots below.


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[Source: Capcom]

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