Overwatch Review – A New Era Of Fun

Blizzard enters the shooter genre with a bang with Overwatch, their own hero team-based shooter and online only FPS game that is filled with great personality where you make your own stories in these epic battles  with 21 fascinating characters to utilize from the beginning. Characters include cyber-ninjas, robots, cowboy, mercenaries and more. Each offer unique key moves to strategize for the victory. The Pixar like graphics are Continue reading “Overwatch Review – A New Era Of Fun”

Dark Souls III Review – A Step Forward In This Grand Finale

What makes Dark Souls series truly fascinating? It is the way it draws you into its strange dark world full of hideous monsters that could kill you easily. In the first entry, Dark Souls showed a new harsh unexplored world, Dark Souls II expanded that world and this last entry Dark Souls III converges this world into one. FromSoftware has done wonderfully to continue both the intriguing lore and improving on the gameplay. Fans of the series will consider Dark Souls III a great conclusion to series and newcomers to the series will find it more accessible than the last two entries. Continue reading “Dark Souls III Review – A Step Forward In This Grand Finale”