Overwatch Review – A New Era Of Fun

Blizzard enters the shooter genre with a bang with Overwatch, their own hero team-based shooter and online only FPS game that is filled with great personality where you make your own stories in these epic battles  with 21 fascinating characters to utilize from the beginning. Characters include cyber-ninjas, robots, cowboy, mercenaries and more. Each offer unique key moves to strategize for the victory. The Pixar like graphics are amazing especially on PC on the highest settings. It has MOBA like elements that the battles are team vs objective matches, but there are no minions here that spawn or having to upgrade the character for new moves. In order to win the match the objective must be completed before the timer ends. All players are able to contribute in helping unlike in a MOBA game where one player using the wrong move could jeopardize the team down.


The gameplay mechanics are accessible for everyone to get into right away and play. There are four classes each hero fits in which are categorize as Attack, Defend, Tank and lastly Support. Each character has around four to five moves unique to the character only. One of those moves is their Ultimate attack move that may turn the tide of the match around if used at the right moment and recharges faster as you damage the rival team. The shooting is solid and works well. There is no sprint button but some characters may dash, teleport, or boost the team speed and hover as one of their moves for extra mobility. Utilizing the characters unique moves in the matches as a team is another key to victory.


Great tactics will be discovered as you play and learn the characters moves. Gameplay moments include in one match as I played as Pharah, I went in straight to capture the point before my teammates arrived and was facing off a rival Tracer opponent. Having a one on one firefight as she dash leap through time but she then used her Ultimate move grenade that I was fortunately far enough to survived the blast but the blast send me off the cliff to my certain death fall. Thanks to Pharah’s jetpack I hover back up and shot the Tracer with my rocket missile which was truly a fascinating moment as my teammates arrived to capture the point quicker earning our quick victory within two minutes. Then theres Mercy who is a support character that may heal enemies or buff up a character’s damage output. As a support character her Ultimate move is brilliant. She is able to revive down teammates back to life and utilizing this in the last seconds of defeat may turn the tide around or go to Overtime to make the comeback. Overtime adds a bit more time to settle the winner that pumps up the adrenaline.


This is the only mode to play for the game and matches are all 6v6. You may switch characters during the match on the fly as well to utilize new tricks and counter certain heroes the opposing team is using. Online matches only and no offline modes. Matches include capture the point, defend and escort to the point. There is a great tutorial mode as well to teach players insight into the combat of the battles. If your having a hard time online there is a mode to play vs AI at the difficulty of your choice to train as well. This still gives experience to your level which is nice. The modes themselves are simple but thanks to the great cast of characters and uniques abilities is what brings the dynamic fun factor to the matches.


Until the timer runs out, it is everyone’s game still. The maps are all unique and wonderful to play. Win or lose it will provide hours of enjoyment that will have you coming back for more to try out new characters. Playing with friends makes it more fun to play and chat in mic. If just playing in a quick-play session it is still a blast thanks to its unique sound dialogue. Each character says a certain phrase when utilizing there Ultimate move or warn you about a sniper from afar. Listening carefully in the matches is another key factor to victory. Matches run well with no lag and simple to find a match.

After a match ends it shows a Highlight play move from the best of both teams. These are awesome kill moments and all players vote for the best player as well from the match. The Highlights are stored online to re-watch the best gameplay moments from your time playing for that day only and then it is gone. The stats are great showcasing how much time characters used more often, kills and more. Once the match ends it searches for a new match and random map. There is no voting for the next map, only when your picking a custom game may you select the desired map.

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes are gain once per leveling up your level. These boxes contain four random items such as skins, emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, and highlight intros, as well as credits to unlock something of your choosing faster. These may be purchase with real world currency as well but no pay to win here.


Final Impressions

Overwatch is a masterpiece of great gameplay and characters that will provide hours upon hours of pure fun playing with strangers or friends in epic online sessions . It has been a while since I got too much enjoyment playing online matches to come back to play more and more for countless hours with my favorite characters. Blizzard says it will support the game by adding more maps and characters etc. for free to provide fans of the game more reasons to continue playing for years. There will be a specific E-Sport mode as well later on. The moment to moment gameplay and the character’s unique abilities are what make this a must play game and a great gem to add to your gaming library. It is accessible for everyone to join the fight and have fun playing whether you win or lose it will have you coming back for more.

Questions or thoughts on the game let me know in the comments below. Placing a comment will enter you for a chance to win a copy of the game for your platform of choice #. Contest ends on on June 17th. Check back here on June 17th to find out the winner of the contest.

Rules: Must have a real Twitter account and email address to enter. If no valid winner is found when contest ends it will extend the date.


2 For more information on our rating system click here.


Great characters, character dialogue phrases, team-play strategizing, gameplay, unlocks, abilities and maps.


No spectating mode or offline training mode vs AI if servers are down in maintenance to practice


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Fact Sheet

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment  Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
ESRB Rating: 

ratingsymbol_t   For Blood, Use of Tobacco and Violence

Released On: May 24, 2016             Platforms: PC, PS4, X1

Multiplayer: 1-12        Price: $59.99

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