New Game Releases – 6/20/16

Check out the new game releases for the week below. What games got your interest this week? Let me know in the comments below what games your going to be playing this week. Enjoy!


Asemblance (PC, PS4) Digital


You wake to find yourself trapped inside an experimental machine…
A machine built to simulate memories.
You no longer recall why you entered, but an AI voice guides you. Trying to escape, you face memories from a past you may not want to remember.
But what is real?
Are these memories your own?
Can you even trust your own mind anymore?
Are you even in control?

Asemblance is the pilot episode of a mind-bending franchise inspired by The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and the Black Mirror television series.

Soundtrack by Seattle electronic underground artist Kid Smpl.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut (PC, PS4, X1) Digital


Set in an apocalyptic 1986, a zombie outbreak has brought humanity to its knees. You play Randall Wayne, a father searching the destroyed streets of Seattle for his family. You’ll encounter many life-threatening situations, but combat isn’t always the answer against the undead, fight back using scarce resources or hide and sneak past them utilizing the environment. Deadlight: Director’s Cut is the ultimate Deadlight experience, now with improved gameplay, controls, and extra game modes.

Drawful 2 (PC, PS4) Digital


Drawful is back to save your boring parties with the new multiplayer* party game Drawful 2, which challenges players to draw weird, funny and often ridiculous prompts on their smartphones and tablets. Drawful 2 increases the overall number of totally new prompts by 50%, adds bonus score streaks for consecutive correct answers, and adds the ability to paint with two colors instead of one, making it easy to fit even greater creativity and detail in every sketch. There’s even a new option for players to tweet out GIFs of their favorite drawings, so everyone on Twitter can share the fun (and shame) of your last game.

Dreamals: Dream Quest (PS4) Digital

There is a world of dreams called Dreamland, where anyone can have their wishes granted. Three wounded and homeless animals happened to enter Dreamland. Will they be able to find the lost treasures of Dreamland and save the world?

Electronic Super Joy (PS4) Digital


Electronic Super Joy is a challenging platformer featuring a pulse pounding soundtrack by EDM superstar, EnV! Run, jump, fly, and smash your way through 50+ unique levels, featuring low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters, and swarming missile attacks!

Funk of Titans (PS4, PS Vita, Cross-Buy) Digital


As Perseus, the son of Zeus and protector of the Funk. Your task is to smash the rap, pop and rock of evil Musical Titans. Only one music can survive and the Funk is the music of the gods.

Lumo (X1) Digital


Witness the rebirth of a genre in Lumo – a classic isometric adventure with a modern twist for gamers young and old alike! As a contemporary take on the long-lost isometric platform genre, Lumo can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an absorbing, challenging and rewarding adventure. But for those who lived through the golden age of videogames – the 80s and early 90s – or know about the games and culture from that time, layer upon layer of nods, winks and touches to those times help build upon an experience that’s as heart-warming as it is exciting!

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Experience the thrill of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by competing with friends as gaming icons like Mario™ and Sonic. Prove you’re the star of the Games across 17 events, including full team sports: dominate the field in Football (soccer), have a ball in Beach Volleyball, and be there for the Olympic Games debut of Rugby Sevens!

Mighty No. 9 (PC, PS3, PS4, X360, X1, Wii U) — Digital only on PS3 and X360


The spiritual successor of the original 2D side scrolling action shooters is finally making its way to new consoles. Led by a legendary team of Japanese developers, Mighty No. 9 allows players to take on the role of Beck to defeat all the Mighty Number robots.

MXGP2 — The Official Motocross Videogame (PS4, X1)


Prepare to live the motocross dream! Race on 18 official tracks of the 2015 season of the MXGP championship, experience the thrill of MXoN, show your worth on the four spectacular indoor tracks. But that’s not all… create your own team and rider and don’t forget to enhance the performance of your bike with the countless accessories from the biggest brands in motocross!

N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure (PS4) Digital


N.E.R.O. is a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty, a story driven first-person game with puzzles and intuitive controls where the environment is connected to the characters and their past. The world of N.E.R.O. is magical and varied, making exploring an ongoing challenge.

Pac-Man 256 (PS4, X1) Digital


PAC-MAN 256 is the maze that never ends.

Cherries are red.

Ghosts are blue.

Munch a power pellet.

Get Lasers too!

But the Glitch is coming for you…

Pirates: Treasure Hunters (PS4) Digital


A new free-to-play experience is here! Pirates: Treasure Hunters is a MOBA where action dominates the course of battles through dynamic and direct character control. Choose from a broad range of Hunters, each one equipped with unique weapons and skills. Take them to battle and face the opposing team in exciting online matches with up to six on six players.

Professional Farmer 2017 (PS4) Digital


Get ready for the rural lifestyle! This game is set on your own farm! Enjoy the life of a farmer with all its amazing tasks and challenges! Drive your original vehicles, cultivate your fields, take care of your animals, and market your produce! Different seasons and weather conditions guarantee realistic game fun.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U)


Slay monsters—and slay like a pop star—in this brand-new RPG from acclaimed developer Atlus. An interdimensional evil has invaded modern-day Tokyo, resulting in this fantastical barrage of music, style, and yes, danger. So fight back! Battle through dungeons to pump up your strategy and creatively decimate your foes…before all hope fades to black.

Umbrella Corps (PC, PS4) Digital


Join the corps! Umbrella Corps brings a competitive experience featuring new types of strategy and technique blended with elements from the world of Resident Evil, to create a unique kind of shooter! Experience intense close and mid-range combat with analogue aim and cover mechanics, nerve-wracking no-respawn matches, and many other game modes!
*Releases are subject to change without notice.*

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