Free-To-Play Title Let It Die Out Later Today On PSN

Today at PSX 2016 it was announced that the latest title for GunHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture Let It Die is out later today on PSN for free as a free-to-play title. Check out the official PS Blog for tips and tricks on the game. Get ready for the a crazy adventure later today.



In the year 2026 AD, a large tectonic disturbance occurred causing mass destruction around the world.

South Western Tokyo split off into the ocean and became an island covered by a deep fog.

Continuous seismic activity then caused a large spire to rise out of the ocean through the island creating a tower-like structure that pierces the clouds.

Many mysteries remain hidden from the eyes of mankind await those courageous enough to dare approach the tower…


[Source: PS Blog]

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