Reverie Review – A Delightful Adventure

Reverie is an action adventure game inspired by the legend of Maui and The Giant Fish where the demigod himself fishes up the North Island with a powerful fishhook. The developers show their inspiration from titles like The Legend of Zelda 2D games and Earthbound. Join Tai on his adventure in Toromi Island a fictional island in New Zealand during his summer vacation visit to his grandparents home. In his adventure he must visit dangerous dungeons in order to put the spirits to rest to keep Toromi Island in peace.


The beginning opens up with Heke the brother who got betrayed by his siblings from jealousy. Requesting help to put his brothers to rest in order to keep Toromi Island in peace. There are six dungeons to explore in order to complete the game. Each dungeon provides puzzles that start simple with moving blocks with tricky ones later on with combinations of lasers, switches and more in clever ways. Puzzles are all doable and fun. New equipment are obtain in the dungeons that are used to fight specific enemies and used for puzzles. If you get stuck in a puzzle remember each weapon has a use as puzzle mechanic and you may look in the inventory for information of the equipment if you forget. Lastly in each dungeon you will need to get keys to unlock doors to advance in the dungeon to fight the dungeon boss.

Enemies include mouses, insects, spirits and more. In the beginning enemies are repetitive but more variety later on. Bosses are fun but simple to beat for the majority of them. The only boss with a bit of trouble was the Inky Octopus one who has a bullet spread shot that is unavoidable in his rampage state. It is necessary to buy some health items for this boss. Final boss provided a fitting end for the Tai’s adventure.


Reverie is short but sweet from beginning to end. I wanted to keep exploring and going on more adventures with Tai. Exploring Toromi Island was fun and the ending was heartwarming. Now that the spirits are resting in peace the journey does not end there. After the credits you may load your save again to access a new dungeon challenge to complete and test your skills.

There are collectibles to collect that are feathers obtain in the world and each have information on them from what native bird it is from New Zealand. In the Arcade there is a cool game named Starblazer that could be its own game along with the classic arcade Galaga game and expanded on with bosses. It provided a great urge to get a better high score. The classic visuals and simple game play brought great nostalgic memories. This is a great title to add to the PS Vita library and  for trophy hunters. Greg Miller from Kinda Funny helped with the trophy list and this is an obtainable Platinum.

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Fact Sheet

Title: Reverie    Developer: Rainbite Limited 

ESRB Rating:  

ratingsymbol_e  For mild fantasy and violence

Publisher: Eastasiasoft Limited  Release Date: Mar. 29, 2018  Price: $12.99 Genre: Action Adventure   Platform: PlayStation Vita   Players: 

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