Sir Eatsalot Review

The peaceful kingdom of Gluttington, is now in peril by the evil witch Hysterica who once to take the throne. She has poisoned the Isotonic Waters with sour lemonade. The kingdom’s crops are withering from this terrible action. King Dietan III dispatches his greatest and bravest knight Sir Eatsalot. Explore the colorful cartoon world with amazing hand-drawn visuals that bring the world and characters to life.

Sir Eatsalot will meet unique characters during his journey to save the kingdom. Helping citizens and fighting the Rat Clan minions of Hysterica. Throughout the adventure in his success of getting closer to save the kingdom by finding a cure it cuts back to Hysterica’s hideout with her dumb minion talking about Sir Eatsalot feats and ways to stop him which provide funny dialogue scenes like a cartoon show. It starts out great but then gameplay mechanics and level design cause frustration.

The gameplay mechanics are simple for attacking enemies with square button for attack and right shoulder button for the shield. Then there are platforming parts and puzzles that use gameplay mechanics that utilize the PS Vita’s hardware features . It is nice to see the PS Vita hardware being used fully but not all the functions should have been used. There are functions that were implemented badly that affect the flow of the adventure and provide frustrating moments.


It is a game that will require your patience. It is old school like adventure game where doors lead to another segment and no real map is provided to show where your at. This causes you time wasted from missing the right direction thanks to some level locations looking similar. The mines segment in particular is the tricky one. Then there are a few checkpoints that are harsh for the certian levels that may set you back a bit and lose a heart for failure instead of receiving full health from the restart. This causes that specific section to be accomplish in a perfect run that causes frustration with a couple of retries. Sir Eastalot has three hearts which is harsh with the checkpoint failure punishments. Candy sweet and food delicacies are items in the world to get health and stamina back but require touch to drop the item. Get close to use or tap again to use but not in all levels were they put right.


Later on there are a few gameplay design levels that are harsh with the above problems combine that will require retries until successful completion. There are enemies that throw cheese on you and you must rub the cheese of to move again via the touchscreen while enemies attack you. Then those same enemies are there when doing some platforming and causing you to fall with no way to kill them in certain parts requiring perfect timing for the jumps. In the ending there is a time limit of two minutes where you must escape within the set time. The stamina meter runs out so fast that you have to do a great run but with the enemy placements and obstacles will require you to repeat a couple of times to reach the ending.

It was a real struggle to reach the ending to Sir Eatsalot but it was fun on the parts that were good though simple. I loved Sir Eastalot personality and design which allowed me to reach his journey to the finale despite the rough sections needed to advance the adventure. Locations were colorful and visually amazing to look at. Collecting stickers to trace via the touchpad to learn more about the characters of the world was nice. Battle with bosses were simple and short with great dialogue. The ending was funny but no real boss fight besides the time limit which was like a boss. Hysterica’s banter with her minion was enjoyable.

The characters Sir Eatsalot meets were creatively design providing life to the world. Behind the Stone has a great foundation for a sequel or lessons learn for a new game with improvements on gameplay level designs and mechanics. I would personally like a sequel with such improvements and be available on other systems as well as PS Vita for more people to enjoy. There is a trophy named “Sir Eatsalot 2”. I wish there was more in the combat as well as more enemy variety too. The bosses were cool but short lived. If you have the patience it is worth a look to help Sir Eatsalot in this quirky cartoon adventure to save the kingdom of Gluttington from the evil witch Hysterica. Behind the Stone has a cool eater egg in the mines for Rainbite’s Reverie.

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Fact Sheet

Title:Sir Eatsalot    Developer: Behind the Stone

ESRB Rating:  

ratingsymbol_e10 Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Use of Tobacco

Publisher: Eastasiasoft Limited  Release Date: Apr. 6, 2018  Price: $11.99 Genre: Platform/Adventure   Platform: PlayStation Vita   Players: 

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