MXGP PRO Arriving July 10

Milestone is proud to announce MXGP PRO will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC/STEAM on July 10 in the Americas. MXGP PRO is a brand-new game, designed to satisfy the most passionate fans of the Motocross experience. Based on community feedback, the title has been revamped using a new method called Continue reading “MXGP PRO Arriving July 10”

The Adventure Pals Review

It’s Wilton’s birthday and his dad has given him an awesome pet giraffe that you name Sparkles. Then Mr. B ruins your party by kidnapping your dad and other elderly people to turn them into hot dogs for his evil masterplan of world destruction. The Adventure Pals is an action-packed platformer about friendship, exploration, and riding your giraffe with lite-rpg elements. Wilton must save his dad and the world with his pals Sparkles the giraffe and his buddy rock aka ‘Mr. Rock’.

Continue reading “The Adventure Pals Review”

Sir Eatsalot Review

The peaceful kingdom of Gluttington, is now in peril by the evil witch Hysterica who once to take the throne. She has poisoned the Isotonic Waters with sour lemonade. The kingdom’s crops are withering from this terrible action. King Dietan III dispatches his greatest and bravest knight Sir Eatsalot. Explore the colorful cartoon world with amazing hand-drawn visuals that bring the world and characters to life. Continue reading “Sir Eatsalot Review”