Survive! Mr. Cube Review

Survive! Mr. Cube is the first in-housed developed title from Intragames developed by a 3-person team. Survive! Mr. Cube is a Rogue-lite RPG game. The graphics are composed of voxel retro graphics. The story starts from an ordinary man, Mr. Cube, swallowed a pill given by a stranger at a pub that he stopped by on his way home, he was led to an unknown world and he explores and fights against the monsters in order to escape back home. If you die a new Cube character is summon along with a new weapon and stats. The character before is buried and able to dig up their weapon to use again if you like.

There are four themes consisting of a total of 25 stages, and each stage can only be connected to a portal structure that is protected by a tower that is under a seal. The tower has to be destroyed in order to move to the next stage. In each map it starts at a point from portal and as you explore the map gets revealed. The map will show how many portals there are within each area as well and at times will cause you to backtrack to a specific portal to advance to the right path. Once you die the escape path changes randomly.

There are variety of enemies during the stages. Each only have one attack pattern but could get overwhelming when a crowd attacks and with strong enemy. Random Cubes could appear randomly at the stages. Cube enemies are like you with high stats and weapons. They could kill you fast and end your run. At the end of the game there is a main boss fight named the Guardian of Dimension that will kill you if your not prepare.

The combat is simple. The right stick is used for attacking and controlling the direction like a twin-stick shooter. There is no roll dodge mechanic just basic move to dodge a hit and attack. SP is basically the stamina and magic capacity for weapon attacks. It could get frustrating at the beginning if you just charge in. In order to successfully beat the game in one play-through it is better to explore each area to get the rare chest that may be there. Rare chest could contain HP and SP stat permanent upgrade to your character in the run. Basic chest provide potions and gold. These loots will make the success rate high and higher with a great weapon.

Once you pass first part after death there is a merchant now at the main hub. You may trade the gold coins from chest and enemies dropping loot on your play-through. Gold coins get stack up and you keep them after death. Every trade raises the gold cost is used to get a random weapon or stat upgrades. The best weapons I used for my play-through were the shotgun and magic staff.

After around two hours I completed the game after beating the final boss. No story scene ending after finishing the game. Once the game is done there is no reason to go back. There is no content to continue playing after finishing it once or leader-boards. It was fun for the first time trying to reach the ending. It is balance and will provide a bit of challenge thanks to the Cube enemies. I got the platinum trophy in under three hours. It is great for trophy hunters. This is their first title release in which this is short and has just a bit of story in the intro. It is well polished and runs well. I am excited to see what they will  be able to do next time with a bigger team or the experience they learned from this.

Nintendo Switch Version

It runs the same and has the same content. It could be played on TV or Handheld mode.

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Fact Sheet

Title: Survive! Mr. Cube   Developer: Intragames Co., Ltd

ESRB Rating:  

ratingsymbol_e10  Fantasy Violence

Publisher: Intragames Co., Ltd   Release Date: Apr. 26, 2018 (PS4), Jun. 28, 2018 (NS) Price: $14.99 Genre: Rogue-lite, Action   Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch Players: 1


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