LUMINES REMASTERED brings the original gem on the latest consoles for new and returning fans to enjoy. It brings back all original modes like skin edit, puzzle, vs cpu, local vs 2p and more. Two added modes included is Basic mode where the goal is to clear all 24 skins in one round with no retry. Then Shuffle mode lets you play unlocked skins in random order. No new features added from the latest titles from the series that were introduced.

The game-play is still fun and entertaining to play for hours trying to get the highest score possible. The 16×9 ratio puzzler and clearing lines in same color blocks is still fun. It is challenging to get high scores as the tempo goes faster for the different music skins dropping blocks fast. New rumble features make the game-play in trance to the music. Thanks to the new vibrations settings that let you feel the blocks dropping or both with the beats. Sync up multiple controllers to turn on rhythm sync trance vibration mode to feel the bass of the music on your body by placing controllers on yourself. PS4 allows four controllers to sync up and the other two consoles up to eight controllers.

Overall LUMINES REMASTERED it is still a blast to play and great to revisit the original music skins. The various modes will offer hours of play and competition in high score chasing. The new vibrations settings make the game sessions more in trance to the music to get into the rhythm for a high score. Fans and newcomers will have a blast to play this great puzzler gem.

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Fact Sheet

Title: LUMINES REMASTERED   Developer: Resonair

ESRB Rating:  


Publisher: Enhance   Release Date: Jun. 26, 2018  Price: $14.99  Genre: Puzzle  Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (Digital Download Only) Players: 1-2

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