Check out the games being release this week down below and let us know in the comments what games your interested in.


City of Shroud (PC, X1) Digital

city-of-the-shroud-imageThe story has only begun – the players will finish it. Your choices, and the choices of every player, will drive a living story and determine the fate of the city of Iskendrun. Paired with an explosive real-time, combo-based battle system, your decisions will change the story forever. Choose your allies wisely.

Dead Cells (PC, PS4, X1) Digital

dead-cells-image-3Experience a Roguevania, mixing an interconnected world, branching paths and unlockable skills with the constant adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath.

Defenders of Ekron – The Definitive Edition (PC, PS4, X1) Digital

defenders-of-ekron-imageDefenders of Ekron in an adventure/shmup game that mixes the classic action of a shmup and the exploration of an adventure game, including dungeons and a sci-fi experience.

Electronauts (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PS VR) Digital

electronauts-imageEver wanted to ride the vibes of a top DJ playing a packed festival’s main stage? Here’s your chance to shine: all it takes to be an Electronaut is the passion to become one with the beat.

Flipping Death (PS4, X1) Digital

flipping-death-image-2When Penny dies under mysterious circumstances, she wakes up and finds herself filling in for DEATH HIMSELF! This temp job comes with a new power – the ability to flip between the worlds of the living and the dead! In this puzzling platformer, she’ll need that – and her wits – if she ever hopes to unravel the mystery of her demise. Leap between platforms, solve puzzles and help the dead rest in peace by possessing the living and making them dance around at your merest whim in this comedy adventure game by Zoink Games, with writing by the Eisner-award winning Ryan North. – Flip between worlds: Move swiftly between the living and the dead. – Possess the living: Control their limbs and read their minds to solve puzzles. – Play as Death: You’re just a temp, but the ultimate power of life and death is in your hands. – Dive into a rich, colorful world: Explore vivid environments in a pop-up book style and make your way through a completely original storyline!

Hyper Universe (X1) Digital

hyper-universe-imageMOBA action at Hyper speed! Fast-paced combat and easy to pick up and play controls get you right into the action in this Free to Play 2D MOBA. Choose from a diverse cast of colorful Hypers, each with their own unique abilities. Leap into intense 4v4 combat on every level of the battlefield as you and your teammates work together to destroy the enemy base. Hyper Universe delivers a game that is truly out of this world Free to play with Gold. 

Madden NFL 19 (PS4, X1) (Out 8/10)

madden-nfl-19-imageMadden NFL 19 gives you game-changing control on and off the field. Real Player Motion transforms the way you play Madden, delivering gameplay control with precision and intent.

Megaton Rainfall (X1) Digital

megaton-rainfall-imageBecome an indestructible interdimensional superbeing in this first-person superhero game and save Earth from an alien invasion. With unprecedented freedom of movement as you fly through buildings, break the sound barrier, and accelerate to extraordinary speeds. Then rise above the atmosphere, circumnavigate the Earth in seconds, and get ready for your next battle.

Monster Hunter World (PC) (Out 8/9)

monster-hunter-world-imageWelcome to a new world! Take on the role of a hunter and slay ferocious monsters in a living, breathing ecosystem where you can use the landscape and its diverse inhabitants to get the upper hand. Hunt alone or in co-op with up to three other players, and use materials collected from fallen foes to craft new gear and take on even bigger, badder beasts!

Overcooked! 2 (PC, PS4, X1)

overcooked-2-image-2Overcooked returns with a brand-new helping of chaotic cooking action! Journey back to the Onion Kingdom and assemble your team of chefs in classic couch co-op or online play for up to four players. Hold onto your aprons; it’s time to save the world again!

Poop Slinger (PS4) Digital

poop-slinger-imageA casual poop launcher game where poop and slingshots combine for one heck of a smelly experience!

Slam Land (PC, PS4) Digital

slam-land-imageDunk your friends to amaze a giant blue man in Slam Land, a magnificent 4-player couch-competitive party game by Bread Machine.

TerraTech (X1) Digital

terratech-imageExplore, build, craft, and battle across alien worlds in this physics-based construction sandbox adventure. Design cars, tanks and planes from a huge library of blocks. Scavenge, craft and buy new parts to survive, and become the ultimate planetary prospector. Or jump into a 16-player PvP battle to grab and build as you fight.

Tetra’s Escape (PS4, PS Vita, X1) Digital (PS-Cross Buy)

tetras-escape-imageTetra’s Escape is a platforming puzzle-game all about blocks named Tetras, which can turn into different Tetrominos to fill holes and master puzzles.

The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest (PS4, PS Vita) Digital

the-dreamlans-aislings-quest-imageHelp Aisling free The Dreamlands from The Mourner! The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest is an adventure game that blends fantasy and mystery elements to present a gripping story. 

One day, Aisling experienced an event that opened the way for a mysterious being that transports her into a world shaped by her dreams and nightmares. There, she learns about The Mourner, a dark entity that is covering and corrupting the land. Aisling must go on a quest to recover three treasures that will help her face The Mourner, bringing peace to the Dreamlands and ultimately to herself.

We Happy Few (PS4, X1) (Out 8/10)

we-happy-few-imageWe Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial. Discover the retrofuturistic city’s dark history as you play through the intertwined narratives.

Word Search by Powgi (PS4, PS Vita) Digital

wordsearch-powered-by-powgi-imageWord Search by POWGI includes more than 300 puzzles to keep you – and your friends – puzzling for hours! Up to four can play!

*Releases are subject to change without notice.*

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