SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is a fantastic piece of interactive videogame history of SNK first era into the videogame industry featuring their first classic arcade and console games. Enjoy your prefer regions for all the games and platform versions. Thirteen titles at launch and the rest will arrive on the 11th of December. It is the best game collection to date feature-wise. The list of games are down below.


Titles at Launch
1. Alpha Mission (Console/Arcade)
2. Athena (Console/Arcade)
3. Crystalis (Console)
4. Ikari Warriors (Console/Arcade)
5. Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (Console/Arcade)
6. Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue (Console/Arcade)
7. Guerrilla War (Console/Arcade)
8. P.O.W. (Console/Arcade)
9. Prehistoric Isle (Arcade)
10. Psycho Soldier (Arcade)
11. Street Smart (Arcade)
12. TNK III (Console/Arcade)
13. Vanguard (Arcade)

Titles Coming December 11 As Free DLC
1. Munch Mobile (Arcade)
2. Fantasy (Arcade)
3. Sasuke vs. Commander (Arcade)
4. Chopper I (Arcade)
5. Time Soldiers (Arcade)
6. Bermuda Triangle (Arcade)
7. Paddle Mania (Arcade)
8. Ozma Wars (Arcade)
9. Beast Busters (Arcade)
10. SAR: Search and Rescue (Arcade)
11. World Wars (Arcade)
Note: Beast Busters and SAR: Search and Rescue will be made
available on Nintendo eShop as free DLC. The rest will unlock on the 11th.

SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is a great interactive museum of SNK’s history of their first games in the arcade and console.  It has wealth of cool content that includes concept arts, manuals, promotional assets, music and a amazing SNK Museum to explore the legacy of their timeline of releases from that time with wealth of information about their games. The only console RPG game they have ever made was the gem named Crystalis. It is available to play that most beloved fans of SNK enjoyed back in the day. It is the longest game they made at that time over 50 plus hours for their first RPG.


The games might not be all fun to play but it is a great collection game to own to see where SNK all started from before reaching the more popular IPs they did after this era. It has the great rewind features that all classic collections now include as well as save points at your pleasure. Newest feature to be added is that if your stuck on a section you may watch a perfect complete run of the game. Once it passes the part you were stuck on with a press of a button you may take over control or just watch the run to enjoy. This is the best Interactive videogame history collection at its finest. I hope they do one for their Neo Geo era as well.

SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION was a great treat to see all the great information of this era of SNK that I have not played before this collection. Watching and playing these game showed me what they learn to create their most beloved IPs later on. As a piece of history this is a must have title for videogame fans of SNK. All titles run in their original form with options to enjoy. This was a perfect celebration for their 4oth anniversary for fans to pick up with variety of goods. 

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Fact Sheet

Title: SNK 40TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION   Developer: SNK Corporation

ESRB Rating:  

ratingsymbol_t Mild Blood, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes

Publisher: NIS America, Inc  Release Date: Nov. 11, 2018  Price: $39.99  Genre: Game

Compilation  Platforms: Nintendo Switch Players: 1-2

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