Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection PS4 Review

Welcome to Club Velvet. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. Dance your heart out to win glory for your Velvet room companion. Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection includes Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight , as well as the brand new PS4 version of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. I am a fan of rhythm games and love the Persona series from playing Persona 3 back in the day it was released on the PS2. Combining the two genres are awesome thanks to great music the Persona series has.

If you played the PS Vita version of Persona 4: Dancing All Night then you will be familiar with the game system. The game-play is the same as the first dancing Persona game. Left side has the buttons left, middle and down. Right side has triangle, circle and cross. Then the characters dancing in the middle. Difficulty modes make it accessible and for high skill players there is a challenge in the high difficulty modes. Scratching is down with right analog stick or change to R1 button which is better. Their are even modifiers to make it more challenging or accessible. 

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight_20181123222100

All games are the same except the style theme for each series and own unique music track list. Persona 4: Dancing All Night had a story mode with animated cut scenes that fit the series in canon story. The latest ones don’t have a story mode but social links with great dialogue scenes from your favorite characters interacting in this new event. Unlock new scenes by completing challenges like completing set number of tracks or trying on new costumes.

Game-play has not changed but it is fun for rhythm and Persona fans to enjoy. There are great music tracks to play and customize your characters with variety of accessories. The only downside is the their are remixes of the same song too much bringing the list shorter. I wish it was all in one Persona rhythm game in the future with music from the whole series. Compete to get high score and upload data online, watch the music track or take screenshots. There is a PS VR mode that lets you get close to the character dancing  choreography to the song picked and observe if you like.

All in all it is a great gem to add to your game library if you love the Persona series or the rhythm game genre. Persona has great music tracks to enjoy. Game-play mechanics are easy for newcomers to enjoy the rhythm genre and challenging for the ones that want it too. There are cool scenes to enjoy and laugh from the interactions from the characters during this dancing event. The way they fit the dancing event into the canon makes perfect sense. Watching the scenes and the nice graphics make me wish Atlus works on a Persona 3 remastered version for the PS Vita and PS4. Watching my favorite cast of characters that introduce me to this series first was fantastic. I recommend to buy the bundle if you intend to pick up one of these games. It includes both games plus the remastered version of Persona 4: Dancing All Night for a great price instead of buying one for a high price. Check out my screenshots below.

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Fact Sheet

Title: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Persona 4: Dancing All Night   Developer: Atlus

ESRB Rating:  

ratingsymbol_t  Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes

Publisher: Atlus  Release Date: Dec. 4, 2018  Price: $59.99  Genre: Rhythm Game  Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita Players: 1

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