Xenon Valkyrie+ Review (Nintendo Switch & PS Vita)

Xenon Valkyrie+ is a rogue-lite platformer game with RPG elements. It is perma-death where you lose your progress when you died unless you get to a checkpoint. Once you pass the first two sections and defeat the boss their is a teleporter checkpoint that you may use to access the unlocked section without starting from the beginning with skill points but you must have gold and a item to use. There are three characters to choose from each with their unique stats and weapons. The pixelated graphics and chiptune music are nice.

I have play a couple of hours on both systems. Making only to the Second Boss. Defeat enemies to gain experience to level up for skill points and gold. You may level up after passing a section to level up the character stats and buy items. The worlds are randomly-generated changing the enemies locations and treasures. There is a light story as well.

If you’r a fan of rogue-lite games and platformers you will find joy in this game. It could get frustrating for newcomers with the permadeath and the way the checkpoint system was done for this game. The best tip is to defeat all enemies to get more experience to level up stats and reach the checkpoint. Bosses have cool designs and give a satisfying achievement when beating them in a clean run. After losing in a run I would immediately go back to try a better run, it got me hook to do better despite getting frustrated at times when one move messes up your run. The game runs well on both systems.

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Fact Sheet

Title: Xenon Valkyrie+  Developer: Diabolical Mind

ESRB Rating:

ratingsymbol_e Mild Fantasy Violence

Publisher: COWCAT Release Date: 1/1/19(Nintendo Switch) All other platforms available too Price: $9.99  Genre: Rogue-lite Platformer Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One Players: 1

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