Neo ATLAS 1469 – Trailer: Tools of the Trade

Build a great trading empire to fund even greater expeditions in Neo ATLAS 1469, available physically April 9 for Nintendo Switch! A new trailer highlights some more key exploration techniques.

Establish trade routes and determine which goods will bring the greatest profit. Food, precious metals, livestock…even toys are game! Combine goods to make a new commodity. These goods bring in more revenue, so get to it!

However, pirates patrol the seas, aiming to swipe these goods for themselves. Deploy admirals to challenge them, but it’s crucial to choose battles wisely! Defeat at the hands of the pirates will set you back with repair costs and plundered ships! Here’s a tip: Baldi starts with high battle power, so early clashes will be a breeze.

Will you be able to maintain your routes and claim it all? Time to put those pioneer skills to the test in Neo ATLAS 1469, coming out April 9 for physical release on Nintendo Switch.


[Source: NIS America]

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