Riddled Corpses EX Review (Nintendo Switch)

Diabolical Mind second game Riddled Corpses EX is a twin-stick shooter in the style of 8/16 bit arcade games now on Nintendo Switch too. I love twin-stick shooters chasing the leader-boards. Play alone or local co-op with a buddy to beat the Story mode or chase the leader-boards. There are six characters with their unique abilities and special items. Chiptune music plays while your playing like their previous game.

Story mode is over after four stages. Each stage has set number of levels then ends with an awesome boss fight. This is an arcade twin-stick shooter with a set of three lives and items to help you. Items to collect include a bomb, lives and a freeze-time. It is frustrating in the beginning and could bring frustration. The great thing is that earn gold helps level up character to get stronger and gold earned always stays after you die. After taking a hit you lose a life from the three you start with. Story is presented in an intro then little scenarios. I hardly pay attention and just wanted to shoot down the various enemies. Hit checkpoints after beating the Boss in the final stage section inorder not to have to start from the beginning.

Then the Arcade and Survival mode are the last modes for the game. Survival is simple survive in tight small maps with a chaos amount of enemies to chase the online leader-boards. Arcade is like the main story but instead you level up your character in game while destroying the hordes of enemies to get power-ups. Try to get as far as possible and score high in order to top the leader-boards.

All modes are available to play co-op in order to have fun with a buddy chasing the leader-boards. The awesome part is all gold earn in each modes stack up to your main count. Grind gold and use it to level up your character, unlock new characters and buy items to help you beat the Story Mode. Each enemy has a unique attack and when the are group together makes it challenging. Playing Arcade mode or Survival mode to chase the high score is fun solo or with a buddy. Great game to play on the go or big screen TV for high-score chasing lovers.

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Fact Sheet

Title: Riddled Corpses EX  Developer: Diabolical Mind

ESRB Rating:

ratingsymbol_t  Blood, Violence

Publisher: COWCAT Release Date: 3/2/19(Nintendo Switch) All other platforms available too Price: $9.99  Genre: twin-stick shooter Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One Players: 1-2

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