The Princess Guide Review (Nintendo Switch & PS4)

In The Princess Guide, as an experienced knight tired of war is now given freedom to journey on to something new. On the journey to find something worth doing he gets requested in becoming a teacher from various kingdoms. Commencing the Princess knight training regimen. Name, choose your knight avatar and personality to start the journey. There are four princesses to choose from in the beginning to start. This is an action rpg and strategy single player story game.

Each Princess Knight has a unique story that got me interested to continue the journey and your choice affects how the ending unfolds with the simple choice of scolding or praising the princesses. In the beginning you choose who to train first, the vengeful Veronica, the gluttonous Liliartie, the chivalrous Monomaria, or the dragon princess Alpana. Then after the rest are trained as well. Story starts with tutorial teaching you the gameplay mechanics well. Each Knight is a commander that leads allies in the battles. In addition to their unique weapon attacks you could use the allies in tactical set move formation via the sub-menu. They have health too and could fall in battle.

The gameplay is simple hack-n-slash and special move attacks. Use various relics to attack enemies and gain dominance percentage level that is used in order to use the allies tactical moves. Including the princess you yourself are available to fight as well as buy new commanders and ally troops if they fall. Allies don’t attack unless command to attack. Basic attack have certain uses. Tactical moves have limited uses too and provide extra buffs. This mechanics brings the strategy in the game during the tough battles. Use wisely as well for the Direct Guidance that is represented on the bottom screen via three green hearts.

Story mode is represented via a board map. There are main missions, treasure, unknown locations and sub-missions in the maps. Missions are simple like reach end of an area dungeon, conquer area to certain percentage, destroy all enemies on board, defend area and time-based missions. Each time a piece is move a timer on the upper left corner runs. In failed missions you may retry or go back to base to better improve. 

In order to train them they must level up via the base home. Knowledge learned raises their stats up as well as unlock you skill points to level up too. Scolding and Praising during battles gives bonuses to them like health up or strength bonuses. It gives xp points too to knowledge in order to unlock them and level up the princesses. Use items on the board before battles, crafting and enhancing weapons to dominate easily.

The Princess Guide_20190324000145

Spending time with each princess creates a bond. You get to know more about them and each of their kingdoms situations. Help the citizens, people in need of help and hunt down monsters too. Then after time spend with them in the last part of the game all princesses must unite to defeat a great threat. Once choosing who you want as the main commander it is time for the grand finale missions. Each character has three endings that include neutral, good and best endings that depend on your choices. Bonus little mini-games for each Princess are simple and fun to complete in the Virtual Training mode. Earn more gold and items.

The Princess Guide is simple in gameplay with a bit of added strategy using the allies.  Artworks and graphics are nicely done but repetitive for the basic npcs with repeated artwork. Audio is Japanese only with English subtitles. I had no problem in the beginning until late in the game it started a bit challenging where I had to use the allies more to stun enemies and defense tactics. Sub-missions were enjoyable thanks to the wonderful written characters and provided more scenarios about them. Story is short but thanks to the interesting characters I will go back to earn all endings. Bonus missions to after beating the game from the finale or start a new game-plus with all your earn equipment and knowledge. All four princess are awesome, strong and unique that make the journey worth completing. 

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Fact Sheet

Title: The Princess Guide  Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

ESRB Rating:

ratingsymbol_t Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes

Publisher: NIS America, Inc.  Release Date: 3/26/19  Price: $39.99  Genre: Action RPG/Strategy Platforms: Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4  Players: 1

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