Habroxia Review (PS Vita)

Arcade-style indie space shooter Habroxia from Canadian developer Lillymo Games available digitally and a limited edition physical version for PS Vita on PlayAsia. It is cross-buy on PlayStation. In Habroxia, players blast their way through 15 levels with boss fights, rescue missions and shifting perspectives from horizontal to vertical in this retro shoot’em up. After each level is completed there is a persistent ship upgrade system. Boss fights will guarantee a fun challenge. I’m a fan of retro shoot’em ups and this was a blast to play.

I mainly played the PS Vita version. It runs perfectly well and the controls work perfectly. There are two control layouts to choose. Three weapons to fire by default. Completing the game was short but sweet. After beating the 15 level campaign there are 3 Endless Side Modes that include rescue the most humans, survive or protect from invasion to add more fun time. No online leader-boards but still fun to beat the high scores that are in the game.

The difficulty is on point and no checkpoints. In every game session whether completed or defeated credits earn will stay with you. Upgrade ship stats if having difficulty completing the level. The only downside of this game is that when ship is damage and retry your health does not fully regenerate. Use credits to get health back or survive the level to get hp items during the level. There are items that will give extra boost, bombs, rockets and lasers.


Habroxia is a great addition to the shoot’em up genre. Great bosses to defeat and variety of enemies to defeat during the levels each with unique attack patterns. Chasing scores on the 3 Endless Side Modes after the quick campaign. I will be replaying it again to get the top scores on all levels. No online leader-boards but still fun to compare scores with friends online via screenshots. The retro style pixel art and tunes are nice during the play-through. This game has a fantastic trophy list that is do-able for a platinum. If your a fan of shoot’em ups add this to your collection to support it. I would definitely like a sequel with more content and online modes.

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Fact Sheet

Title: Habroxia  Developer: Lillymo Games

ESRB Rating:

ratingsymbol_e Mild Fantasy Violence

Publisher: Lillymo Games (NA & EU) & Eastasiasoft Limited  Release Date: 9/24/19  Price: $7.99  Genre: Shoot’em Up Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Players: 1

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