HuniePop Review: Unique Fun Dating Sim

HuniePop is a dating sim game that is different than general dating sim games that have release before. It is a dating sim, puzzle, light RPG elements and a light novel style game. The match-3 puzzle game incorporates how successful the player woos a lady. This brings more fun to the game than just stare at a static image reading dialogues and choosing whichever choice to branch in. In a way, it works well in this game along with Continue reading “HuniePop Review: Unique Fun Dating Sim”

Galak-Z: The Dimensional Review: Nostalgia of Fun Times (PS4, PC)

Galak-Z is a love letter to those who remember the classic anime that we often use to watch on VHS in our childhood. In fact, each mission is treated as an episode and broken into five episodes to turn into a season. There are four seasons and with each ending of the season there is a boss fight. Playing through this game remind me of Macross and Gundam anime series. With story in same vein of those anime, it’s about rebel force have developed an experimental ship that could turn into a mech in order to turn the tide of the war against the Imperials. Continue reading “Galak-Z: The Dimensional Review: Nostalgia of Fun Times (PS4, PC)”

Rocket League Review: Simplistic but Addicting (PS4)

The soccer (or football) fans will not mind playing a spin-off of the sport with cars thanks to the great gameplay it provides and the same wow moments like in the real sport. Non-sport fans will have a blast to play as well. Rocket League is simplistic at a glance, but when you dive deep down into the mechanics it gets more complex. The games vibrant visual are pretty and colorful along with a clean UI to help it stand out more. Continue reading “Rocket League Review: Simplistic but Addicting (PS4)”

Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Review: Re-Imagine Epic Shooter (PS4, X1)

In this new expansion for Destiny, various changes have been made but few stay the same. Changes included are small things like more vault space to major changes like new voice actor for Ghost (Nolan North). With mechanic of level up being revamped where you spend more time with your character, you will get higher level. Fans of year one Destiny will be happy the new changes that come with this expansion. While newcomer who are interested in Destiny, this is the right time to join in and enjoy one of the best first-person shooters for this generation. Continue reading “Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Review: Re-Imagine Epic Shooter (PS4, X1)”

Back to Bed Review: Simplistic Puzzle Time (PS3, PS4, PS Vita)

Back to Bed is a puzzle game with an isometric view about a guy name Bob who is sleepwalking and you must guide him safely Back to Bed. This was release for mobile and now comes to consoles as an exclusive to PlayStation systems with remastered visuals, new music, cross-save and trophies, and better animations. Bedtime Digital Game have created a unique artistic style, it … Continue reading Back to Bed Review: Simplistic Puzzle Time (PS3, PS4, PS Vita)