Rating System

Video Game Rating System


This is the highest achievement we will reward out to the game we see that is the closest to a masterpiece of gaming achievement. It will be close to perfection and offers great gameplay, story, or new ideas that play well. It will have you hook to the end and you will want to complete it in one sitting. Provides an urge to come back and replay the whole adventure time and time again in your lifetime. It may have minor bugs/glitches but does not affect the overall gameplay experience. Offers memorable moments that will be etched into you forever. This is a must own game to add to your gaming library.


This provides fantastic gameplay moments that you will remember. It may provide excellent story, gameplay, and new creative ideas as well. High replay value that will have you coming back to play again and time again. It may provide minor bugs/glitches. We highly recommend it your gaming library.


It will provide great enjoyable moments. Great concepts and new ideas that are fun to play. This will have you complete the game to the end. It may provide good replay value or another play through every now and then. This may provide minor bugs/glitches. We recommend you add this to your library and give it a chance. If not borrow it from a friend to see why it is fun.


This will provide fun moments. An adventure you may start and finish to the end. It will provide a few memorable moments and some unique concepts. It may provide a few bugs/glitches during your play session that affect gameplay or not. Check it out if it is to your liking by renting it or borrow from a friend that owns it.


We recommend you avoid this at all costs and save your money for another great game. If your tempted to play it to see why it is bad, you should rent it. These games are usually broken, may contain various bugs/glitches that will make you rage quit the game. No fun to be had here but frustration from bad game design choices or not executed properly.

Visual Art Book Rating System


This is the highest achievement we will give to a visual artbook. Provides high quality content and extras with great insight to development of the IP. It will have you hook to the end to admire every single page. We highly recommend this to be added to your library.


This visual art book offers great content that will keep you hook. Great concept images and interesting insight into development of the IP. We recommend this.


This is an enjoyable visual art book to check out. It will provide decent content and you might skim through quick to check out content. Check it out if it is to your liking or preview images before buying.


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