Survive! Mr. Cube Review

Survive! Mr. Cube is the first in-housed developed title from Intragames developed by a 3-person team. Survive! Mr. Cube is a Rogue-lite RPG game. The graphics are composed of voxel retro graphics. The story starts from an ordinary man, Mr. Cube, swallowed a pill given by a stranger at a pub that he stopped by on his way home, he was led to an unknown world … Continue reading Survive! Mr. Cube Review

Rocket League Review: Simplistic but Addicting (PS4)

The soccer (or football) fans will not mind playing a spin-off of the sport with cars thanks to the great gameplay it provides and the same wow moments like in the real sport. Non-sport fans will have a blast to play as well. Rocket League is simplistic at a glance, but when you dive deep down into the mechanics it gets more complex. The games vibrant visual are pretty and colorful along with a clean UI to help it stand out more. Continue reading “Rocket League Review: Simplistic but Addicting (PS4)”